When Larry Sings

 A black-capped chickadee, which my wife named Larry, returns to our property each spring.

Larry sings with fervor every morning. However, the second note of his cadence is flat. Seriously. Sometimes it crackles as if going through puberty. But, I don’t mind that he’s off-key, I’m just glad he sings. It makes me smile.

Two waitresses totally destroyed a rendition of “Happy Birthday” while recently serenading a patron at our local cafe. It was brutal. But, we all joined in and clapped. Both ladies were oblivious to being tone-deaf, and that’s ok. It made us smile.

Not everything you (or, others) attempt will be finely tuned. So, sing, create, parent, work, dance…anyway. The audience of appreciation is much greater than the audience demanding perfection. 

Do the best with who you are and what you have. It’ll make us smile. (139 words)

The Real Deal: Here’s what Larry is SUPPOSED to sound like, but who cares?


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