Quitters Prosper


Quit second guessing yourself. (if it doesn’t pan out, just try again)

Quit staying put if you want to live somewhere else. (U-Haul, baby!)

Quit comparing. (you’ll lose nearly every time)

Quit complaining to others about your spouse. (talk to your spouse)

Quit your job if it’s not what you want to do. (scary, but necessary)

Quit being a stranger in your neighborhood. (be the “favorite” neighbor)

Quit pretending you’re not anxious. (we’re all anxious, it’s ok.)

Quit signing your kids up for every activity under the sun. (they don’t even like soccer)

Quit waiting until your retirement to take a trip. (you’re not promised age 62)

Quit trying to impress others. (you’ll free them up from doing the same with you)

Quit beating yourself up over not getting everything accomplished on your to-do list. (just get important things done)

Quit dating the guy unless he makes you feel more alive than ever. (otherwise, marriage will kill you)

Quit thinking 10 lbs less makes you more attractive. (you’re beautiful on or off the scale)

Quit holding off an actual phone call to your mother/friend. (your voice is like none other)

Quit listening to “know-it-alls”. (unless it’s me…they don’t. kidding)

Quit super-sizing everything. (house, car, food, closet, whatever…stop)

Quit listening to the same genre of music. (your dance moves become stale)

Quit failing to smile when you enter a room. (it’s your best quality) (137 words – sans parentheses)

Classic George – the best 18 seconds of your day comin’ right up…

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